About Siobhán

Siobhán set up her studio at Blackweir Lodge in the environs of Dromoland Castle & Estate, Co.Clare, Ireland in 2010. Here she works as a ceramic artist and designer, using hand-building techniques to create her work, which involves moulding and forming the work by hand, giving every piece a unique and individual quality. Inspiration for her work comes from many sources but mainly from the treasure trove of nature that surrounds her studio.

By closely examining her surroundings, in particular nature, her work is concerned with stylising some aspects of these objects giving them a new energy and place in the world. Siobhán works mainly with porcelain as it gives her the delicate qualities she requires to execute her work. Using the translucent quality of vitrified porcelain she makes a range of
votive, the t-light burning gives a warm glow complimenting the very fine porcelain.

Siobhán also makes a range of bowls and dishes that are glazed using crystalline glazes. These glazes create a unique and interesting finish on each bowel meaning that no two bowels are ever alike.

Other products available in Siobhán's range include personalised decorations for Christmastime or special occasions such as birthdays or Christenings.

Personalised wedding favours and corporate gifts can also be arranged. For further details please contact Siobhán directly to arrange a consultation (see contact page for details).

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