The Bark Dish

The 'Bark Dish' is a piece, handcrafted using stoneware paper-clay. The way in which this dish is crafted means that each and every piece is unique and different. When using this mud-like paper clay, a basic mould is used to give the base of each dish a structure. Then using her fingertips Siobhán layers the clay until the 'bark' like texture is achieved.

The 'Bark Dish' is finished using a crystalline glaze which results in unique and beautiful crystallized formations in a variety of spectacular colours. 

The 'Bark Dish' is available three different glazes:
1. Turquoise with white crystalline finish
2. Emerald Green with green crystalline finish
3. Honey with electric blue crystalline finish

The 'Bark Dish' retails for €70.
The 'Bark Platter' which is ideal for holding candles is also available and retails for €50.


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